Today’s Tip



When you are new in a business, or working on increasing your business, you tend to have more time than money. We need to capitalize on that! That’s what these Tip$ are all about.

Hubspot is a great resource for marketing ideas. They don’t have a hard sales pitch and push out GREAT content daily. Sign up for their newsletters, they have taught me so much.

One tool of theirs I use is called SideKick. Spoiler alert: this is an affiliate link. Remember the old days of OutLook where you could click a little button and you would be alerted that your recipient had opened your email? Well, thanks to SideKick, you can again and more.

You are allowed to track 250 emails a month for free. I use it when I am sending a proposal to a client, or communication with a prospective client and even when I’m working with a client to just follow that they are getting what I am sending. I also use it to track important communication.

This great free tool allows you to track opens, track unopens, track clicks as well as revisits. SideKick integrates with Gmail, as well as many other email providers, so you never have to leave your inbox. You can also enable desktop notifications to keep you on your game! You don’t have to track every single email you send, but you can toggle it on or off as you see fit.

Give SideKick a try, let me know what your thoughts are!

Hubspot also has a CRM that I will be sharing in another email.

What are you spending the most money on? What money saving tips in your business or marketing would you like to learn about? I’m waiting for your reply!

Share or be square! I want to spread the word that being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to go broke or be a starving artist! I have helped countless businesses with these money saving tips and I decided to put them here, just for you!


☺ Beth