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Mail Chimp

When you are new in a business, or working on increasing your business, you tend to have more time than money. We need to capitalize on that! That’s what these Tip$ are all about.

Since the dawn of time (at least in sales anyway), it’s always been about the list. The bigger your list is, the more people are exposed to your product/service. What do you do with this list?

I always advise people to start with Mail Chimp. Again, what’s my favorite word? FREE! 

Mail Chimp allows you to have up to 2000 contacts for free and mail out 12000 emails per month for free. So when you are starting out, it’s a great solutions. When your list gets bigger, you can then evaluate if you should stay with Mail Chimp or go with another provider.

Why do you need Mail Chimp or Constant Contact etc?

Using email marketing companies over just sending from your email has MANY advantages. The biggest one is, you won’t end up in the penalty box by providers (how you access your email like Comcast or even gmail or GoDaddy) labeling you as a SPAMER. You want to make extra sure you are following all of the terms of services to stay out of that darn box!

Using an email marketing company also lets you know who’s opened your email, how many forwards, shares and clicks. It helps you hone your message, which ones are the most successful, what words cause more clicks. You should ALWAYS be evaluating your marketing.

Mail Chimp is easy to install on websites and on a tab on your FaceBook page as well as in your signature line on your individual emails. It’s super easy to use, easy to follow directions and even online if you need extra help.

Please remember to always ask permission to add people to your list, there’s no quicker way to end up in the penalty box than exporting your LinkedIn contacts and slamming them into your email marketing software. Believe me, it’s no fun! (Reply to this email and ask me about my experience!)

What are you spending money on? What money saving tips in your business or marketing would you like to learn about? I’m waiting for your reply!

Share or be square! I want to spread the word that being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to go broke or be a starving artist! I have helped countless businesses with these money saving tips and I decided to put them here, just for you!


☺ Beth