We’ve all heard of Amazon, right? If you haven’t, then you probably are living off the grid in Alaska and not reading this! What if I told you that you could get a discount on your Amazon shopping? Would I be your super hero?? Well, YOU CAN!! And it’s FREE!!!

Head on over to ReviewKick, sign in with your Amazon account information and there you have it! I have purchased many things for my business through this site. I’ve gotten headphones and a microphone for my computer, several accessories for my phone and iPad as well as some personal goodies too.

Here’s how it works. Retailers post their products on ReviewKick for a discounted price (some for as low as $.01!) and in exchange for the discount, they ask you for an honest review of their product. If you have problems with the product, these people want to know! I’ve sent them a personal message before I reviewed if I had a problem and they are over the moon excited to make it right before I post a review.

They even have an extension you can put on your browser to remind you if a product that you purchase is on ReviewKick! Who does that??? Amazon does. Or should I say Ah-Maze-On!

Do you have product that you’d like to sell on Amazon? Well, you can gain more reviews by listing your product on ReviewKick as well! Amazon wants you to succeed, if you succeed they succeed.

If you use ReviewKick for a product, Tweet  me a pic at @briegger!

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