Mile IQ

Mileage tracking…. It’s a pain. And some of the apps out there aren’t much better. Seriously. Some apps seem great until out of nowhere, it’s out of business and your info is trapped in there. Yes, I experienced this small form of torture.
So after some research, I decided to go with the app everyone talks about. Mile IQ.
I’m sold. You can use the free level, but I will caution that every segment of your multi-stop day counts as a trip, so “ten free trips” is gone quickly. I bought the one year unlimited plan (it’s currently listed at $59.99… but I used this trick to get a discount!)
At $.54 per mile (as per IRS standards, that update automatically for you), your mileage adds up quickly. The classification is easy and it’s also easy to add a trip into your log if you skipped one of your regular trips (or if you are going back and adding in your trips from that app whose web site is closed and gone…). You can turn it off and on as needed and go get your reports that are stored in the cloud and easily accessible. Read the reviews, it’s a great product and well supported. It’s EASY TO USE!!! In this day in age, easy is best so we can focus on the important stuff, right?

Let me know when you try this and how much money you are able to write off over the next week!

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