Today’s Tip$

Are you a tab hoarder like me? See my tab hoarding here. It’s not pretty…. I couldn’t insert the image in this email because the image is so big!

Did you know the more tabs you have running, the slower your computer runs? The slower your applications run? It’s not your internet provider, as much as we’d like to blame them, it actually could be how many tabs you have open and how many applications you have running!

Insert One Tab, literally. Of course, it’s FREE! My favorite word! Here are the benefits of this great little extension you can install on your browser (without a technical degree either):

  • Save up to 95% in memory usage.
  • Works on major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc).
  • They designed it for themselves and decided to share it with the world=no cost, no money making, 100% private.
  • No sign-up or registration…it’s free!!
  • Reduce CPU load depending on the scripts being used in each tab.
  • Import/export your list of tabs.
  • Easily share your tabs.
  • And more coming!

How am I doing? I’d love to hear from you.

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