Beth RieggerHave more time than money? Want to grow your business but don’t know where to start? Have champagne taste but only a beer budget? You are in the right place!

Through out my life, I’ve always been a deal seeker. I love sales, I love saving money. I hate coupon clipping. Along the way, I’ve discovered a large list of money saving tips on running a business. I continue to add to it daily!

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you need to be a starving artist! Yes, you need to spend money on things but there’s a better way for most of us, and that’s the way of finding deals, discovering free solutions and sharing them for the greater good!

Like I said, I’ve got a TON of tips. Check back often! If you’ve got a great tip, I’d love to feature you and your idea! Just head on over to my contact page and let me know what you have going on!

My goal is to I save you some money in your business endeavors!