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Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the biggest tips I can give to business owners. We all need to have a better division between work life and home life. Using Google Voice helps with exactly that. Set your work hours within the settings of Google Voice and then you won’t get calls outside of those hours!

Another reason why I like it is if I have my assistant answering my phone or even making calls, she can do it from her cell phone but on the receiving end, it looks like my business number. That way my assistant won’t be getting calls on her personal cell for my business.

Google Voice can give you freedom to answer your business phone from anywhere and have it be a professional voicemail if you are not available. I also like that they send me a transcript of the voicemail. Sometimes it’s cause for great humor (Google is not always perfect, lol!).

Best of all…IT’S FREE!!!! You will soon find out that my favorite word is free. Don’t get me wrong, some things will cost you money but why pay when you can get it cheap or free? This is what these emails will be all about.

I have found so many money saving and time saving options out there for businesses, I wanted to start sharing them with people.

I appreciate your support in receiving these tips!

What are you spending the most money on? What money saving tips in your business or marketing would you like to learn about?

If you would please do me another favor? Share this with your friends! I want to spread the word that being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to go broke or be a starving artist! If you think others would benefit from these money saving tips, please share.

Thanks again!

☺ Beth